Great Guest Scores Require Great WiFi

Get HSIA Brand Compliant Now

To ensure the highest guest scores and best stay experience, Marriott is requiring all properties to be compliant with current High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) brand standards. 

For Marriott Brands:

  • If a property's WiFi was installed or upgraded in or before 2013, the Marriott property must upgrade to current HSIA brand standards by July 2019.

For Starwood Brands:

  • If a property's ISP contract has ended and it is on month-to-month support, the Starwood property is expected to upgrade to the latest GPNS Certification and be supported by an approved vendor.
  • A property can always upgrade prior to the end of a current contract and be brought up to current Marriott GPNS Brand Standards.

For Management Companies:

  • Avoid rush deadlines and potential penalties by making sure the Marriott/Starwood properties in your portfolio are working toward compliance with an approved GPNS certified provider like Cloud5.

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