Hotel Contact Center | Voice Reservations

Expert Hospitality Work From Home Agents to Support the COVID-19 Environment

How We Help Hotels Stay Open for Business

These are unprecedented times, but it is important to make sure callers feel safe and taken care of. Cloud5 can support your hotel calls with a full range of services that allows you to focus on decisions about staffing and expense management. 

Cloud5 has the right hotel call center service mix to help keep your hotel open for business during this unprecedented time. Our proven processes keep your employees and guests safe and minimize costs. Leveraging our highly skilled and tenured agents, we consistently rank as the top hotel voice reservations provider for the world’s largest luxury travel brand.

How We're Helping Hotels Stay Open - Full Range of Comprehensive CRO Services

  • 24X7 Central Reservations
  • Overflow and After-Hours Services
  • Loyalty Program, Group Desk and Specialty Services
  • Revenue Management/Upsell & Cross Sell
  • Social Media Response/Guest Surveys
  • Email Management
  • Chat Services OTA
  • Rate Loading

We're in This Together

Cloud5 Communications is committed to supporting you and your business. We're here to help if you need us.